Gravity: Analog Electrical Conductivity Sensor / Meter(K=10) for Raspberry pi

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I have bought this Gravity: Analog Electrical Conductivity Sensor / Meter(K=10)

Now I want to connect it and program it for a raspberry pi, the problem is that there is only code available for Arduino. 

I usually program in Python, but can translate it to another language if needed. 

Is there anyone who have used this sensor for Raspberry pi, using python? 

Thankful for any help I can get!

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2023-05-22 18:17:51

I think you need to install this library:

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2023-05-16 10:45:55

Hello Klara,


I haven't used this sensor on raspberry pi before, but I see a potential problem. “The Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins are digital, so you can only set outputs to high or low, or read inputs as high or low. ”  You may want to get an ADC chip (Analogue-to-Digital converter)first, and just read digital inputs like you would with other sensors.


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xingzhao.zhu wrote:

Hello Klara, 


Although there isn't any Python example code currently available for the sensor you mentioned, we do find an IIC ADC Module that is built with raspberry pi support. 


Product Link: 


Wiki link:


The Python example is on the wiki page, hope that this could help with your progress. Please feel free to reply to me if you need any support.






2023-05-16 18:21:46
Klara.Spetz wrote:

Hi, I have an ADC module and cencorn seems to pick up a value. The problem now is that I don't have any code adapted for Rasberry pi. I have tried running the program for k=1 and I get a value but the censor calibrates wrong. Is there any way to modify the program available for K=1 to work with k= 10? or the program for andruino that is avalible? 

2023-05-22 18:45:08
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