FireBeetle 2 Board ESP32-S3 - Camera AXP313 - advanced tutorial example not compilable

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advanced example 8 using camera lib axp313 not compilable 






Sketch uses 2924985 bytes (223%) of program storage space. Maximum is 1310720 bytes.
Global variables use 74532 bytes (22%) of dynamic memory, leaving 253148 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 327680 bytes.
Sketch too big; see for tips on reducing it.
text section exceeds available space in board

Compilation error: text section exceeds available space in board


any ideas ?


My Code , already using F Makro


#include "esp_camera.h"

#include <WiFi.h>



// WARNING!!! PSRAM IC required for UXGA resolution and high JPEG quality

//            Ensure ESP32 Wrover Module or other board with PSRAM is selected

//            Partial images will be transmitted if image exceeds buffer size


//            You must select partition scheme from the board menu that has at least 3MB APP space.

//            Face Recognition is DISABLED for ESP32 and ESP32-S2, because it takes up from 15

//            seconds to process single frame. Face Detection is ENABLED if PSRAM is enabled as well


// ===================

// Select camera model

// ===================

#define PWDN_GPIO_NUM     -1

#define RESET_GPIO_NUM    -1

#define XCLK_GPIO_NUM     45

#define SIOD_GPIO_NUM     1

#define SIOC_GPIO_NUM     2


#define Y9_GPIO_NUM       48

#define Y8_GPIO_NUM       46

#define Y7_GPIO_NUM       8

#define Y6_GPIO_NUM       7

#define Y5_GPIO_NUM       4

#define Y4_GPIO_NUM       41

#define Y3_GPIO_NUM       40

#define Y2_GPIO_NUM       39

#define VSYNC_GPIO_NUM    6

#define HREF_GPIO_NUM     42

#define PCLK_GPIO_NUM     5


#include "DFRobot_AXP313A.h"


DFRobot_AXP313A axp;


// ===========================

// Enter your WiFi credentials

// ===========================

const char* ssid = "xxx";

const char* password = "yyy";


void startCameraServer();


void setup() {




  while(axp.begin() != 0){

    Serial.println(F("init error"));




  camera_config_t config;

  config.ledc_channel = LEDC_CHANNEL_0;

  config.ledc_timer = LEDC_TIMER_0;

  config.pin_d0 = Y2_GPIO_NUM;

  config.pin_d1 = Y3_GPIO_NUM;

  config.pin_d2 = Y4_GPIO_NUM;

  config.pin_d3 = Y5_GPIO_NUM;

  config.pin_d4 = Y6_GPIO_NUM;

  config.pin_d5 = Y7_GPIO_NUM;

  config.pin_d6 = Y8_GPIO_NUM;

  config.pin_d7 = Y9_GPIO_NUM;

  config.pin_xclk = XCLK_GPIO_NUM;

  config.pin_pclk = PCLK_GPIO_NUM;

  config.pin_vsync = VSYNC_GPIO_NUM;

  config.pin_href = HREF_GPIO_NUM;

  config.pin_sscb_sda = SIOD_GPIO_NUM;

  config.pin_sscb_scl = SIOC_GPIO_NUM;

  config.pin_pwdn = PWDN_GPIO_NUM;

  config.pin_reset = RESET_GPIO_NUM;

  config.xclk_freq_hz = 20000000;

  config.frame_size = FRAMESIZE_UXGA;

  config.pixel_format = PIXFORMAT_JPEG; // for streaming

  //config.pixel_format = PIXFORMAT_RGB565; // for face detection/recognition

  config.grab_mode = CAMERA_GRAB_WHEN_EMPTY;

  config.fb_location = CAMERA_FB_IN_PSRAM;

  config.jpeg_quality = 12;

  config.fb_count = 1;


  // if PSRAM IC present, init with UXGA resolution and higher JPEG quality

  //                      for larger pre-allocated frame buffer.

  if(config.pixel_format == PIXFORMAT_JPEG){


      config.jpeg_quality = 10;

      config.fb_count = 2;

      config.grab_mode = CAMERA_GRAB_LATEST;

    } else {

      // Limit the frame size when PSRAM is not available

      config.frame_size = FRAMESIZE_SVGA;

      config.fb_location = CAMERA_FB_IN_DRAM;


  } else {

    // Best option for face detection/recognition

    config.frame_size = FRAMESIZE_240X240;


    config.fb_count = 2;





  pinMode(13, INPUT_PULLUP);

  pinMode(14, INPUT_PULLUP);



  // camera init

  esp_err_t err = esp_camera_init(&config);

  if (err != ESP_OK) {

    Serial.printf("Camera init failed with error 0x%x", err);




  sensor_t * s = esp_camera_sensor_get();

  // initial sensors are flipped vertically and colors are a bit saturated

  if (s->id.PID == OV3660_PID) {

    s->set_vflip(s, 1); // flip it back

    s->set_brightness(s, 1); // up the brightness just a bit

    s->set_saturation(s, -2); // lower the saturation


  // drop down frame size for higher initial frame rate

  if(config.pixel_format == PIXFORMAT_JPEG){

    s->set_framesize(s, FRAMESIZE_QVGA);




  s->set_vflip(s, 1);

  s->set_hmirror(s, 1);



#if defined(CAMERA_MODEL_ESP32S3_EYE)

  s->set_vflip(s, 1);



  WiFi.begin(ssid, password);



  while (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED) {





  Serial.println(F("WiFi connected"));




  Serial.print(F("Camera Ready! Use 'http://"));


  Serial.println(F("' to connect"));



void loop() {

  // Do nothing. Everything is done in another task by the web server



2023-06-08 12:17:58

When uploading fails, try:

(1. Press and hold on to boot

(2. Press reset

(3. Release boot and reset at the same time

(4. Upload

userHeadPic jenna
2023-06-07 05:54:37

Hi Jenna, thx for your reply :) made some progress 




→ why do you use ESP32 S3 DEV Module instead of “firebeetle 2 ESP S3” in the advanced example

→ that's what confuses me 


was able to upload with your settings, but that  results  after hard reset in output



Build:Mar 27 2021


Saved PC:0x4210c9c6


mode:DIO, clock div:1




entry 0x403c98d4

E (516) esp_core_dump_flash: No core dump partition found!

E (516) esp_core_dump_flash: No core dump partition found!


init error

init error

init error




i finally made it work using these setting


i encountered some problems


→ was not able to upload every time


Sketch uses 2925825 bytes (87%) of program storage space. Maximum is 3342336 bytes.Global variables use 74532 bytes (22%) of dynamic memory, leaving 253148 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 327680 v4.5.1Serial port COM11Connecting....

A serial exception error occurred: Write timeoutNote: This error originates from pySerial. It is likely not a problem with esptool, but with the hardware connection or drivers.For troubleshooting steps visit: uploading: uploading error: exit status 1


some times i was able to upload after boot with reset, power off on ,but no clue what really helped


i think that is a arduino ide (v2.1.0) problem, the port not beeing able to be used  consistently.





userHeadPic Dirk.Brunner
jenna wrote:

Fire beetle ESP32-S3 has pin mapping for ArduinoIDE, which leads to init error when using ESP32-S3 directly. When I choose Fire beetle ESP32-S3 and set other parameters, I can acquire the image successfully.

serial monitor:

After the PC and ESP32 are connected to the same wifi, you can access the camera screen through the URL.

2023-06-07 11:42:52
Dirk.Brunner wrote:

Concerning Upload problem Arduino IDE with firebeetle 2 ESP32 S3: looks like Power off/on is needed  before upload


A serial exception error occurred: Write timeout


Upload is working  when


1 disconnect USB 

2 press boot button

3 connect USB 

4 release boot button

5 connect Port in arduino ide (port connection is lost in the meantime)

6 upload 


success looks like:

2023-06-08 04:09:37
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2023-06-06 15:28:10

pls refer to the setting.

userHeadPic jenna