SEN0539-EN Python Code for PI help needed

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I am new to python and Raspberry PI.  I am working with my kids on a robot and they want to use the SEN0539-EN voice recognition module .   


Can anybody help me out with some sample Pi code to get me started with how to communicate with SEN0539-EN and get the output of the voice commands.





2023-06-14 16:10:21

I have fixed this now by running it in UART mode.  Device works really well and is very responsive.  Thanks for all the help.  I am looking forward to making the robot :-) 

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2023-06-13 22:41:07


Fantastic thank you I have tried the i2c code and it works very well. voice recognition is excellent.  The only issue I get is after a while of running it  I get

oserror: [errno 121] remote i/o error.  


I will check the pins are properly connected but as a back up do you know what the i2c bus speed should be set to I cannot find any documentation on this.





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2023-06-12 06:40:44

Any idea what I would base this libaby on.  To get me started? 



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jenna wrote:

DFRobot_DF2301Q/python/raspberrypi at master · DFRobot/DFRobot_DF2301Q (


Pls check the library. Raspberry Pi can control this module through I2C or UART. You can download the library and run the examples directly on the Raspberry Pi. Please note that the switch on the module needs to correspond to the communication method. At the same time, the wiring is very important, please refer to the GPIO pin diagram of the Raspberry Pi.

2023-06-12 15:26:43
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2023-06-11 10:42:06

This module supports python. But I could not find any existing library. You may have to make it yourself.

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