SEN0366 usb/ttl computer connexion and command

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i just bought a SEN0366 laser meter sensor

i am trying to connect it via the ttl usb adaptator

CH340 driver is already installed


is there any wiki to show how to use it

i try to send the command line 80 06 02 78 

with termite 3.4 (a freindly RS232 communication tool)


but i got no return


the usb-ttl seems to work fine with other device


i would like to use the arduino IDE to send direct command line but i don't now how.

i try the serial monitor without arduino board but with the usb/ttl

i could choose the port but for the board whitch one ??????


the final goal is to use the laser with a pic18 MCU for remote sensing.

currently i use pic instead of arduino but electronic and serial communication are the same for everybody.

so if you have information about all command line of the laser i am searching that.

and witch protocol is used (if it is not RS232)


thanks !!!!!

and if anybody now how to use it just with a computer thanks to.



2023-11-07 06:12:59

Note: The 80 06 02 78 command is in binary, for which you type hexidecimal. Be sure “termite” has a facility to send that message by way of translating it from hexidecimal to binary. You may have to put that command into a file using a hex editor, and then send the file. uCon, another terminal emulator, has the provision to send a message that you specify in hexidecimal.


The electrical signalling of this device is 3.3 volt TTL asynchronous, as described in #3 of previous reply. DO NOT connect to a true RS232 device.

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2023-06-12 16:34:55

usb-ttl adaptator        SEN0366


       TX                                RX


       RX                                TX


      GND                            GND


      VCC                             VCC(3.3V~5V)



1. Connect usb-ttl to computer USB


2. Open the serial monitor and select the corresponding port.


3. Set the baud rate to 9600bps, 8 data bits, 1 start bit, 1 stop bit, no parity, send hex


4. Send command: 80 06 02 78

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