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LattePanda Sigma Wake from USB via WoWWAN of SIM7600G-H-M2 connected to M.2 B Key

userHead luveti 2023-07-31 07:34:08 612 Views1 Replies

The LattePanda Sigma supports Wake from USB.

A SIM7600G-H-M2 can be connected to the M.2 B Key, and it appears it's using the USB interface of this port for communication.

According to the SIM7600G-H-M2 datasheet, it supports WoWWAN for several events.

The Sigma also supports keeping USB power on after suspend/hibernate/shutdown. Does it support keeping the power on for the M.2 B Key? If not, could this be added as a BIOS option?

I believe a potential alternative, that would work with the existing bios, would be using a SIM7600G-H-M2 USB dongle. But this would be a less elegant solution. Though it would free up the M.2 B Key for other uses.

The use case would be resuming from suspend/hibernate upon a sms or voice call. With the only device consuming power being the SIM7600G-H-M2 module.

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You can also consider making an adapter module for SIM7600G-H-M2 to convert the M.2 interface into a USB interface and connect it to the USB2.0 pin header of LattePanda.

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