Using Heart Rate Sensor SKU:SEN0213 on a RASPBERRY PI MODEL 2B for ECG Project

userHead Account cancelled 2017-11-21 07:14:05 3733 Views1 Replies
Hi, I purchased the Heart Rate Sensor SKU:SEN0213 ( originally intended on using it with a Raspberry Pi 2B unit but saw the unit was intended for use with an Arudino. I was initially advised (not by the manufacturer) that it would be possible to interface the sensor with either of the units (Pi, Uno) but I've tried and had no luck.

If you can point me to any resources that would assist/show how to get the sensor up and running on the RASPBERRY PI, I'd really appreciate it (if possible of course).

Also the data shown using an Arduino Uno is very unclear, not at all as advertised in the unit's tutorial and I have followed the instructions ( ... U:_SEN0213). The serial plot is very unclear and the heart speed doesn't output as expected.


EDIT: The sensor has given outputs using an Arduino Uno, I wasn't clear on this before.
2017-11-21 15:59:08 This sensor reads analog signal every a certain time to get the ECG. Just like using Rpi to control other analog signal devices, you can find the way to control the analog signal by Rpi on Rpi's forum, basically it is using an ADC to make the signal conversion. userHeadPic robert.chen