SEN0539 Offline Voice Recognition Module - No Serial output

userHead Jason.Davies 2023-09-03 06:16:47 461 Views2 Replies


I am having problems with the offline voice recognition module connected to Arduino via the DFRobot IO expansion Shield V7.1

Using the example code from the GitHub or  the code from the wiki page - the code compiles & uploads fine but i get no output on the serial monitor! Also the demo code from the wiki the light does not turn on or off

Running the normal “Blink” sketch the LED works fine

I get audio response to my voice commands ok so i know the board is working

I have tried both Arduino IDE V 2.2.1 & V 1.8 = same result

I have tried different models of Arduino UNO - same result

I have tried a simple serial.print test - works OK

I have tried 

I am running on Linux Ubuntu 20.04

Any help / advice would be much appreciated 

2023-09-22 10:10:39

Does the module have the I2C setting active, or do you need to switch to UART interface mode? Mine arrived today with the switch already in the I2C position.

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userHeadPic Robert.Riddle
2023-09-07 05:51:12

Sounds like you need to use UART interface mode, is the module set to I2C? I have only just received mine, and the switch was set to I2C.

userHeadPic Nigel.Worsley