Lattepanda Sigma fan gets extremely noisy after a few minutes

userHead sroec 2023-09-03 07:42:27 1130 Views3 Replies

After a few minutes the fan of my new lattepanda Sigma gets insanely noisy.

I've checked the temperature of the CPU and I am even sub 40 some times.

I have run out of ideas to troubleshoot it. Has someone fixed this problem 

2023-09-05 09:53:59

pls check the wiki:


Path: BIOS Setup -> Advanced -> Hardware Monitor -> CPU Fan Mode->full speed


It is also recommended that you post a consultation on Lattepanda’s Forum to get more information.

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sroec wrote:

I re-checked the bios on your suggestion and caught some very strong hint of malfunction 

In normal (low noise) operation it was reading around 2300 rpm at this temperature under this configuration.

When the heavy noise appears the rpm drops under 1000 rpm for the same configuration and temperature.

I will follow your suggestion and write on lattepanda's forum too.

2023-09-06 17:37:32
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2023-09-05 00:50:30

It's getting annoying. The fan functioned perfectly the first two weeks of operation and now this grinding noise appears when on operation.

userHeadPic sroec