Firmware for DFR0728 / HPS-3D160-U Solid State Lidar

userHead Thomas.Winter 2023-09-25 09:43:58 594 Views4 Replies

The software that comes with the HPS-3D160-U is prompting us that we need to upgrade the firmware, but I have not been able to find any firmware for this device.  Can anyone point me to the firmware downloads?

2023-10-03 19:57:41

I did some searching and unfortunately couldn't find any official firmware available for download for the DFR0728 / HPS-3D160-U lidar sensor.


My guess is that DFRobot may not have publicly released firmware updates for this model yet. Since it's a newer product, the firmware is probably still in development and going through testing before being launched officially.


I would suggest reaching out to DFRobot technical support to inquire about the status of firmware upgrades for this lidar. They may be able to provide a beta firmware version even if it's not on the public downloads page yet.


Providing the error message and details from the firmware prompt may help them identify what release is needed for your unit. If multiple users are seeing the same prompt, hopefully DFRobot will prioritize finalizing an update.


Sorry I couldn't locate the firmware download! Please let us know if you get any info from the manufacturer. And I'll share any links if I come across them in the future. Appreciate you bringing this issue to attention!

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alex.benjamin wrote:

2023-10-03 19:58:07
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2023-09-25 17:10:01

Have you checked the software section here?

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Thomas.Winter wrote:

Yes, I have downloaded both of the folders listed under Software (HPS3D_Client_Release and HPS3D_Client_New_Release), and I do not see any firmware files there.

2023-09-26 02:04:59
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