HPS-3D160-U Area Array Lidar

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HPS-3D160-U is the newest generation high-performance solid-state LiDAR sensor based on Time-of-Flight(ToF) principle. Equipped with an optimized lighting system and low distortion infrared optical lens, measurable distance up to 12m on 90% reflective white targets. Flexible user-defined region of interest(ROI) function, Simple-HDR, Auto-HDR, and Super-HDR modes, makes HPS-3D160-U suitable for various applications.

HPS-3D160-U integrates high-power 850nm infrared VCSEL emitters and high-photosensitive components. The embedded high-performance processor, advanced data processing, filtering, and compensation algorithms ensure very stable simultaneous measure data output. Full solid structure, industrial IP67 protection design, and sturdy aviation aluminum housing enable the product to be used in complicated environments.

This HPS-3D160-U LiDAR module adopts USB as data transmission for conveniently connecting with the host and offers SDK for supporting Windows, Linux, ROS, and Raspberry Pi. It can be used in AGV collision avoidance, safety area protection, people counting, service robot collision avoidance, smart transportation, automatic door area trigger control.

Currently, the client software supports 16 groups of the user-defined region of interest setting, and each group supports multiple ROIs. By combining different ROIs, it can meet the requirement of detection alert of objects to be detected in actual use.

HPS-3D160-U Area Array Lidar

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HPS-3D160-U Area Array Lidar

HPS-3D160-U Area Array Lidar


  • Full-field of view frame up to 35 fps
  • Field of View: 76° x 32°, Resolution: 160 x 60 
  • Support 16 groups ROI setting, each group support multi ROIs.
  • USB port and 1 group of Optocoupler isolation GPIO 
  • Support GPIO input measurement simultaneously
  • Measuring range up to 12m
  • Range accuracy: points cloud in centimeter
  • Support for Windows, Linux, ROS and Raspberry Pi
  • Excellent ambient light suppression ability
  • Embedded anti-interference algorithm, support multi-machine work
  • Total solid structure, industrial IP67 anti-water design
  • Support Simple-HDR mode, Auto-HDR mode and Super-HDR mode, with fine scene adaptability


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    HPS-3D160-U Area Array Lidar

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