YDLIDAR GS2 - Linear Array Solid State LiDAR Sensor (25-300mm)

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This is a Linear array solid LiDAR. Based on the principle of Triangulation, it is equipped with related optics, electricity, and algorithm design, to achieve 100 degrees of high-precision laser distance measurement, and output point cloud data of the scanning environment. It can be used for robot obstacle avoidance, path planning, etc.

Ultra-wide FOV to assist robot vacuum cleaner through blind spots

Field of View up to 100 degrees, Wide range of detection

Obstacle avoidance along the wall with performance improvement

The GS2 can obtain more measurement information in the vertical direction, helping smart devices such as robot vacuum cleaner and service robots with accurate real- time monitoring of the edge, efficiently complete multiple difficult tasks such as accurate.

Compact and light, flexible installation

The size of the whole device is only 25.6 (L) × 23.6 (H) × 10.8 (W) mm, which can be flexibly and easily integrated into various small smart devices. It can fully meet the refined detection needs of intelligent equipment such as robot vacuum cleaner.

Multiple authoritative certifications, high safety performance

Application scenario



  • High precision, stable performance
  • Ranging angle up to 0.6°
  • Detectable smallest object diameter 3mm
  • Wide detection range, FOV up to 100°
  • Detection range of 25mm-300mm
  • Compliant with FDA Class I Security Standard
  • Service Life 10000h
  • Multiple authoritative certifications: CE, FCC, FDA, ROHS, Reach
  • Applications

  • Robot Works Alongside the Wall
  • Positioning Measurement
  • Anti-falling
  • Grab& Positioning of Robot
  • Detection-by Height
  • Specification

  • Supply voltage: 3.2-3.4V
  • Start-up current: 240mA
  • Working current: 100mA
  • Ranging distance: 25-300mm
  • Ranging frequency: 28Hz
  • Laser wavelength: 850nm
  • Field of view: 100°
  • Angle resolution: 0.6°
  • Relative error: Distance≤100mm (≤3mm)

                     100<Distance<200mm (≤3%)

                     200≤Distance<300mm (≤8%)

  • Angle error:±3°
  • Sunlight resistant: 25Klux
  • Operating temperature: -10~40°C
  • Storage temperature: -30~70°C
  • Life-time: 10000h
  • Size: 25.6*23.6*10.8mm
  • Documents

    Shipping List

  • Linear Array Solid LiDAR x1
  • Adapter Board x1
  • 4Pin Connector Wire x1
  • USB to Type-C Cable x1

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    YDLIDAR GS2 - Linear Array Solid State LiDAR Sensor (25-300mm)

    In Stock