TF-Luna ToF Single-Point Ranging Solid State LiDAR Sensor (8m, UART / I2C)

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TF-Luna is a single-point ranging solid state Lidar, based on ToF principle. With unique optical and electrical design, it can achieve stable, accurate and highly sensitive range measurement.

Small Size Design

  • Small Size: 35mm*21.25mm*13.5mm
  • Light Weight: 5g
  • Low Power: ≤0.35W
  • ToF Single-Point Ranging Solid State LiDAR with Small Size Design

    High Performance & Economical

    This is a close-range, low-cost ToF single-point solid-state lidar with a range of 0.2m–8m. This solid-state lidar has high stability, high sensitivity, and high precision.

    Measuring Range of TF-Luna Solid State LiDAR: 0.2m ~ 8m

    Detection distance

    TF-Luna solid-state lidar's detection distance is up to 8m, the blind zone is 0.2m, and distance resolution is 1cm.

    Minimum edge length of 3.5 cm within a detection distance of 1m;

    Minimum edge length of 28 cm within a detection distance of 8m;

    TF-Luna Solid-State Lidar Sensor Detection distance

    TF-Luna Solid-State Lidar Sensor's relationship between effective length and detect distance

    Easy to get start, high level of generality 

    The power supply voltage of TF-Luna lidar distance sensor is 5V, equipped with UART communication interface, the communication level is 3.3V. TF-Luna is compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other platforms.

    Wiring Diagram of TF-Luna ToF Single-Point Solid State LiDAR and Arduino Uno

    Wiring Diagram of TF-Luna Solid State LiDAR and Arduino Uno

    Wide Application Scenarios

  • Robot: Robot obstacle avoidance, Robot anti-drop protection
  • UAV: UAV obstacle avoidance, UAV altitude setting
  • Smart City: Smart toilets, Smart trash bins
  • Smart Retail: Smart ad trigger, Smart mirror trigger
  • TF-Luna ToF Single-Point LiDAR Applications

    TF-Luna is an economical solid-state lidar that is low-cost and can be widely applied to many development scenarios.

    TF-Luna applied to many development scenarios


    • Distance Resolution: 1cm
    • Frequency: 100Hz
    • Ambient Light Resistance: 70klux
    • Detecting Range: 0.2~8m
    • Weight: <5g
    • FoV: 2°
    • Supply Voltage: 5V±0.1V
    • Data Interface: UART/ I²C
    • Accuracy: ±6cm@(0.2m-3m)


    Shipping List

  • TF-Luna LiDAR (8m) x1
  • Wiring x1

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    TF-Luna ToF Single-Point Ranging Solid State LiDAR Sensor (8m, UART / I2C)

    In Stock
    • 3-4$24.10
    • 5-9$23.70
    • 10+$22.90