TFmini Plus ToF Single-Point Ranging Solid State LiDAR Sensor (12m, UART / I2C, IP65)

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TFmini Plus is a mini single-point ranging solid state LIDAR based on the TFmini. TFmini Plus inherits the advantages of TFmini and further improves the overall performance of the product - increasing the output frame rate, reducing the blind spot and improving data stability and accuracy. At the same time, the IP65 level of protection has been added and the compensation algorithms have been optimised to greatly expand its applications and scenarios.

Small Size

TFmini Plus solid state lidar features a tiny size of 35*21*18.5mm (1.38*0.83*1.73”), as large as a man’s finger, but it brings us excellent ranging performance. 

TFmini Plus ToF Single-Point Ranging Sensor Small Size

High Performance

  • Compatible with UART and I2C communication.
  • Detecting Range 0.1m~12m
  • Much lower power consumption: minimum 85 mW.
  • More flexible detecting frequency: increasing the frame rate from 100Hz to 1000Hz.
  • Reducing the blind zone to 10cm.
  • Supports Pix and customized output protocols.

  • Detection distance

    TFmini Plus is a short to medium range TOF radar.It's detection distance is up to 12m, the blind zone is 10cm, resolution is 5mm and signal acceptance angle is 3.6°.

    Minimum edge length of 6 cm within a detection distance of 1m; Minimum edge length of 72 cm within a detection distance of 12m.

    TFmini Plus Single-Point LiDAR range of distance

    Schematics of the range of distance measurement and effectiveness of the product

    TFmini Plus solid state lidar sensor Minimum side length of effective detection

    Minimum side length for effective detection corresponds to detecting range

    Easy to Start

    This TOF Lidar sensor works well with all sorts of Arduino controllers. It can be easily integrated into the system when used with the Arduino library developed by DFRobot.

    TFmini Plus solid state lidar sensor connection

    Safer and More Stable

  • IP65 enclosures could effectively prevent water and dust
  • Passing drone-level vibration tests
  • No fear of outdoor light
  • Low effect of temperature changes
  • Multiple radars detect the same object without interfering with each other
  • Low effect of the reflectivity of the target object

  • What is TOF?

    TFmini Plus is based on TOF, namely, Time of Flight principle. To be specific, the product emits modulation wave of near infrared ray on a periodic basis, which will be reflected after contacting object. The product obtains the time of flight by measuring round-trip phase difference and then calculates relative range between the product and the detection object.

    TFmini Plus is a small single-point solid state LiDAR with unique optical and electrical algorithms that can realize accurate and quick distance measurement as well as keep a stable and high-sensitive performance.

    1. The maintenance of this product should be done by the professional technician, and the product can only work with the factory spare part for ensuring the performance and safety.

    2. This product itself has no polarity and over-voltage protection. Please properly connect and supply power as described in this manual.

    3.Operating temperature of this product is between -20℃ and 60℃. Do not use it beyond this temperature range to prevent malfunction.

    4. Storage temperature of this product is between -20℃ and 75℃. Do not store it beyond this temperature range to prevent malfunction.

    5. For ensuring the product performance, do not open the product shell to do any adjustment or maintenance against the instruction.

    6. Detecting object with high reflectivity, such as the mirror or the smooth floor tile, may cause a system malfunction.

    7. The product will malfunction if there is any transparent object between it and the detecting object, such as glass or water.

    8. The product will malfunction if its emitting or receiving IR-pass filter is covered by the dust. Please keep the IR-pass filters clean. Please do not spread ethyl alcohol on the IR-pass filters, which are made of acrylic, IR-pass filters will be damaged.

    9. Please do not pull the fine wire, the wire may be damaged.

    10. Please always send the command of save settings when try to modify parameters of TFmini Plus, otherwise the settings will not take effect. Bytes with yellow undertone“SU”represent checksum: sum of all bytes from Head to payload. Lower 8 bits.


  • Detection of vehicle and pedestrian
  • Vehicle collision avoidance and safety warning systems
  • UAV assisted takeoff and landing
  • Altimeter
  • TFmini-i laser radar application


    Product Characteristics

    • Detecting Range: 0.1m~12m
    • Accuracy: ±5cm@ (0.1-6m), ±1%@(6m-12m)
    • Resolution: 5mm
    • Frame Rate : 1-1000Hz(adjustable)
    • Anti-ambient Light: 70klux 
    • Operating Temperature: -20℃~60℃
    • Protection Degree: IP65

    Optical Characteristics

    • Light Source: LED
    • Operating Center Wavelength: 850nm
    • Signal Acceptance Angle: 3.6°

    Electrical Characteristics 

    • Input Voltage: 5V±0.5V
    • Average Current: ≤110mA
    • Power Consumption: 550mW (Low Power Mode: 85mW)
    • Peak Current: 500mA
    • Communication Level: LVTTL (3.3V)
    • Communication Interface: UART, I2C, I/O 


    • Enclosure Material: ABS+PC
    • Storage Temperature: -20℃~75℃
    • Weight: 12g
    • Wire Length: 30cm


    Shipping List

  • TFmini Plus(ToF) Laser Range Sensor x1
  • Wiring x1

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    TFmini Plus ToF Single-Point Ranging Solid State LiDAR Sensor (12m, UART / I2C, IP65)

    In Stock
    • 3-4$48.50
    • 5-9$47.50
    • 10+$46.00