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Analog Water Pressure Sensor 【SEN0257】 2Types Check out how

userHead 2023-12-01 08:47:28 484 Views3 Replies

I used 750EA sen0257 and plan to continue operating them in the future.

The problem is that there are two types of sensors.

The two have a voltage difference of 1.6 times.
I saw the post and saw that there had been a change.


Is the current sensor 1.0mpa? Please tell me exactly when the sensor was changed.

And if I purchase a product from mouser or digikey now, 
please let me know which one I will get: 1.0MPa or 1.6MPa.


Also, if there is a way to distinguish it from the current data sheet, I would like to request it.

2023-12-01 11:54:52

Was there a situation that did not match the data sheet before 2023?

2023-12-01 11:38:51

We have confirmed that we have changed the range of all sensors to 0~1.6mp in early 2023.

userHeadPic Yeez_B wrote:

If I purchase from Digikina or Mouser, will 0~1.6Mpa be in stock?

2024-01-15 09:32:30
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