How to build a Arduino robot?

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The coolest cooler we promise is unlike anything you have ever seen
GAYLE KING: The coolest cooler we promise is unlike anything you have ever seen. Here are just some of the features: wireless speakers, a rechargeable blender, an LED light on the lid, but, darn, you can`t buy it just yet. There`s only one in the world and we`ve got it here in Studio 57. Two weeks ago, the cooler`s inventor Ryan Grepper launched a kickstart-- Kickstarter campaign to finance his creation. It`s now the third most funded product in Kickstarter history. As of this morning, the pledges add up to about seven million dollars, and mister genius man Ryan Grepper joins us at the table. Because listen Ryan, hey, you only want-- you were trying to raise fifty thousand. You got seven million so far. And the clock is still ticking. You said it`s beyond your wildest dreams.
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RYAN GREPPER (Coolest Cooler Inventor): It-- it absolutely is. I think I feel so overjoyed that so many people have connected with it. And I`m so grateful for that. And extremely committed to all the people who backed this project and so I can bring my dream project and my dream product to all these people.
GAYLE KING: But you`re a lifelong inventor you said and this wasn`t the first time you tried it but you didn`t give up.
RYAN GREPPER: No, it`s not. Really the coolest came about-- gosh, it was over nine or ten years ago. It started as-- as kind of a project in my garage. It was-- I took the-- a weed-whacker engine, you know, the thing you--
RYAN GREPPER: --trim your grass with for the blender and then I put my old car stereo speakers in a cooler. And this was simply to entertain my friends and we had a great time because two of my biggest passions are getting outside with my friends and family and-- and enjoying my time outside. And last year I realized that I could combine these two. There`s room for improvement to be able to put it all in one compact unit because technology improved.
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RYAN GREPPER: And when we brought that out, the joy that we`ve had together in that, initial reaction was so overwhelming that-- that I knew I had to move it forward and would take a swing at bringing this to market.
CHARLIE ROSE: So-- so what are you going to do now?
RYAN GREPPER: Well, now I`ve got to make these. And that`s the-- that`s the exciting part. I-- I had a plan in place to bring this to market but I try to bring this on Kickstarter last season. And I didn`t reach my funding goal. I failed. It was, you know, very disappointing. But I had enough people who really passionately connected with the idea. And I believed in it. And so I wanted to move it farther forward with the-- with the design that I`d always kind of envisioned and the features that I envisioned and-- and try to get it here in the summer and-- and move it to market. So I`ve got a plan in place to get these produced and I`m just committed, with laser focus, to building the best possible coolers I can.
NORAH O`DONNELL: I mean Kickstarter is incredible. I understand you`re the third most raised money on-- on Kickstarter. So if you raised seven million dollars, how come we don`t have more than one of these?
RYAN GREPPER: Yes. Well, the-- the way that Kickstarter works, which is great for creators and inventors.
NORAH O`DONNELL: Where`s all that money?
RYAN GREPPER: Yes, exactly. Kickstarter still has that until the end of the-- end of the project.
RYAN GREPPER: Basically anyone who is-- who is backing this project on Kickstarter is effectively preordering it.
RYAN GREPPER: They`re supporting my dream to be able to get this made and I`ve got my path in place. But I`ll be able to-- to produce it, I`ll be able to use that revenue to pay for tooling and all of the manufacturing process to finalize, you know, to take the design as it is right now and get this tooled up and get it delivered.
NORAH O`DONNELL: Okay. How much will this cost?
CHARLIE ROSE: Yeah, exactly.
RYAN GREPPER: Yes. Well, the full retail price-- the projected retail price is two ninety-nine, but for Kickstarter backers--
GAYLE KING: That`s good.
RYAN GREPPER: --by backing early in this limited window, you can get it for about one eighty-five.
NORAH O`DONNELL: And when can you get one?
RYAN GREPPER: February is where we`re looking at.
NORAH O`DONNELL: And where will it be made? RYAN GREPPER: When I started off--
NORAH O`DONNELL: In America or China?
RYAN GREPPER: I started off at that-- you got to remember I failed the first time, and so I was thinking, you know, maybe a couple thousand of these things and-- and for that limited quantity there`s only really one way to do that at that price point.
RYAN GREPPER: But now that so many people have come on board it`s opened up new options. And I`m-- I`m very excited. We`re exploring every possible way. And who-- that would be-- it would be a dream come true to be able to do that. But it`s-- it`s something we`re exploring right now.
GAYLE KING: No, I love that you said you wanted to come up with something that would solve a lot of needs. And you said when you use this thing, dance parties may break out.
RYAN GREPPER: Yes, it`s a party in the box. Really. I mean everyone always hangs out around the cooler anyway.
RYAN GREPPER: So I wanted to combine some of my favorite things. And-- and having had a blender at the beach and parties for long time, I know how refreshing that cold lemon drink can be, your smoothie for kids.
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NORAH O`DONNELL: Thanks, Ryan.
GAYLE KING: I`ll sign up.
GAYLE KING: I`ll sign up.
CHARLIE ROSE: That does it for us. Be sure to tune in to the CBS EVENING NEWS with Scott Pelley tonight.
GAYLE KING: But you won`t be here tomorrow, Charlie, getting ready to head out with the country for another big interview.
CHARLIE ROSE: That will--
GAYLE KING: Exclusive. Oh, I know so.
CHARLIE ROSE: We`ll see tomorrow on CBS THIS MORNING.
NORAH O`DONNELL: We`ll be waiting to see it.
GAYLE KING: I know so.
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do you have any robot platform? there are several options:;
Since you have Arduino board, but there are several Romeo board with is easier to connect to motors:
For the sensors you can use sound level meter:; vibration sensor(it's just a digital sensor):; and buzzer:
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