SEN0204 Sensor HIGH output 0.8V

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I recently bought a liquid-level sensor (SEN0204) with a board and cable from Element14. The LED turns red when the liquid level is detected. Up to this point, it was fine, but when I checked the output, it was 0.8 volts. I powered the sensor with 5V DC. As per the datasheet, the output should be VCC or 5V when the LED is on and the liquid level is detected.

Has anyone experienced this problem?

Does anyone have an idea how to fix it?

2024-03-06 05:51:43


The SET button changes sensitivity, but there is no change in output.
I purchased another one and compared them.
The first one has a hardware failure to switch 5V or VCC after detection.

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Yeez_B wrote:

You can email the distributor for after sales.

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Yes, it is possible to use the SET button in-board.

How do I use it?

Does it change the output voltage level when liquid is detected?

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Yeez_B wrote:

After clicking the SET button, the number of times the indicator light of the liquid level sensor blinks indicates the sensitivity level, click once to change once, a total of 4 sensitivities, cycle change.


You can test that sensor every time you switch gears.
Also you need to be aware that your container wall thickness is less than 13mm or try changing one for a plastic one?

If 4 sensitivities and replacing the container doesn't work then I think this is more of a hardware failure.

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Would it be useful to use the on-board SET button to adjust the sensitivity?

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