SEN0463 - Geiger counter issue

userHead ullix 2024-03-03 18:40:31 156 Views1 Replies

In the specifications I read: “Signal output: digital output, pull down when a pulse is detected” but in the forum the opposite is confirmed. Which one is it?


The supply voltage is specified as “Supply voltage: 3.3V ~ 5V”. Is the pulse amplitude proportional to the supply voltage, or is it - hopefully - a constant 3.3V?


What is the length of the pulse in micro-seconds?  Does it depend on the dead-time of the tube? When I change the tube to some other tube with longer or shorter dead-time, does the pulse length change?




2024-03-06 17:14:33

1. Yes, the level of the pulse is VCC.
2. The pulse length I think is uncertain, the greater the radiation the shorter the interval must be. The sensor just outputs a low level when it receives ionizing radiation.

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