Broken I2C Gravity: Electrochemical Oxygen / O2 Sensor boards

userHead jlaufer 2024-03-07 06:29:24 106 Views1 Replies

I'm using the I2C board that comes with Gravity: Electrochemical Oxygen / O2 Sensor that comes with a PCB board to transmits the oxygen sensor data two I2C. 

2 of my boards aren't working. On one of the boards the LED power doesn't turn on and on the other one it shows power but does not respond to oxygen.begin();.


I have a 3rd board that works perfectly fine. I wonder if somehow I caused a short that blew the board.

Is there anyway to buy the PCB board without the sensor?

2024-03-07 15:16:27

DFRobot does not generally sell the PCBs included with the product separately.
Can you tell us what voltage you are supplying to the sensor and what controller you are using?

It may be that we can analyse some of the causes of PCB damage from your usage.

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