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  my two shiftout modules have just arrived and I wanted to try them out .

I did a search on this forum and found a post on how to use 2 modules together to shift 16 bits. ... 112#msg112

The above search result contained ...
#define SCLK 35    // (1) DFR0072 ShiftOut SCLK Serial-Clock Input
#define DIN 31    // (5) DFR0072 ShiftOut DIN Serial-Data Input 
#define iCS 33    // (3) DFR0072 ShiftOut /CS Chip-Select Input set low to receive data, set high to output data

I think I understand what the code is doing but am confused by the choice of pin numbers. My arduino doesnt have that many pins so I am guessing he is using the arduino 2560 which has the extra pins. 
Will it be ok to use my Uno instead and can I choose more or less any 3 digital pins for the outputs for
SCLK , DIN and iCS


2012-07-23 10:34:58 Hi DonRecardo,

Did you try searching our wiki. It contains plenty of sample codes and wiring instructions. ... U:DFR0089) ... U:DFR0072) ... U:DFR0090)

These are all using the same shift out module.  The product page also contains sample codes and a link to the wiki. ... uct_id=189

Happy hacking!
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2012-07-23 06:45:24 Hi,

You can change the numbers if you want. On my uno I usually uses 10, 11 and 12. But it does not change if you use some other pins.

The Crusher
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