3-wire SPI LCD use with u8glib

userHead qwertygin 2012-08-13 23:52:36 5189 Views1 Replies
Hello everyone!

I recently purchased the 3-wire Serial LCD Module (Arduino Compatible) module and i intend to drive it using the u8glib library.

I use Arduino Leonardo.

The u8glib requires that you provide the pinout for the following SPI lines:

Clock (sck) -> SCK
Data-In (mosi) ->SID
Chip-Select (cs) ->CS
Command/Data selection (a0) -> ?????
Optional: Reset line -> Not used.

How do i define on wich arduino pin the a0 line is connected to?
Is the A0 line actually needed to use the SPI-LCD module?

Many thanks!
2012-08-14 00:05:03 Ok it works. Followed this link:

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