need help with wifi shield v2,2 an error when connected

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hello i'm sory if i make this thread in wrong place.. i'm nuwbie from indonesia.. so my english is not good :D

i want to ask.. i'm connect this shield in arduino uno.. but when run in putty first time.. putty give me an error massage in first (before i typing any command)..


but in second line i can typing AT or any word like in tutorial it's ok massage..


but in the end i typing ATA, hmmm..

what's wrong? please help me... thx
2012-11-29 15:31:03 Hi,

I've just tested my Wifi shield v2.2 on my Arduino Uno board.
According to the quickstart guide I attached, if the connection is failed, “ERROR” is returned. So I think your setting for the password or SSID is not correct.

So my suggestion is set your AP security to WPA or open mode. Then enter the at+ws to scan the networks for Wifi shield.

Then config the password and ssid for your wifi shield according to the network list. And enter "ata" to finish configuration!
For more detail command,  you could check the user manual I attached also.
Keep in touch.

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