GPS/GPRS/GSM Shield 3.0

userHead Account cancelled 2013-02-19 17:00:34 3015 Views2 Replies
I have got this board.  I follow the wiki and when I try to open port com.  The led STAT turn off.  I try to send AT command but nothing.  I read that STAT led show if the SIM908 not run.

Any idea?
2013-05-16 04:53:11 Hmm, is the Red PWR LED on? As well after you uploaded the sketch from Arduino you hit the RST button right?

I know my serial monitor will not work properly unless I:
1) Upload the sketch properly
2) Open Arduino Serial monitor
3) Press RST on the board

I also noticed that sometimes I have to have the 3 wat switch (UART Select) in the GSM or GPS side if i am USB mode instead of Arduino. But I'd try playing around with the 3 way switch to see if that is the problem as well.

Hope you get things going! :D
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2013-05-05 17:19:32 try to use an external power supply, I think it will work :) userHeadPic alnath