After include library LCD4884 Arduino APP dosn't start

userHead chaoscrack 2014-03-27 20:53:24 2285 Views3 Replies

My Arduino APP 1.0.5 works well on my MacBook. But when I include the library LCD4884 (V0.3 / the newest that I found) close the app and restart it. The app do not response. :-(

Did I something wrong or whats happend?

Thanks for your help
2014-03-31 14:06:17 Hi Chaos,
Could you attach some picture about it?
Sorry for my poor comprehension, you mean you only put "LCD4884.cpp" in the library folder?
Did you try to download a new version Arduino IDE?
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2014-03-28 23:14:50 Hi Grey

With do not response I mean that after a restart of the app, the app dose not start and the rainbow colored circle will not stop to turn.

No I integrated the library by the function import.

I took this library. With version 0.3 I mean the LCD4884.cpp
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2014-03-28 11:09:01 Hello Chaos,
What is your mean of "The app do not response"?
Does it say something?

Did you put the library file in the Arduino IDE folder--->libraries folder?
Anyway, there is a v0.4 one on our product page.
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