Veyron Servo Driver - Servo Power

userHead Account cancelled 2014-09-01 04:31:36 1314 Views1 Replies
In the product page, Servo power interval is between 4.8 and 6V.

Why is not possible to feed different voltage e.g. 7.2 volts for the servos ?

The servo power rail is separated from the logic rail right ? why the limit ?

2014-09-01 11:40:10 Hello,

Sorry for the confused. It is not only 4.8~6V. The voltage depends on your servo rated voltage.
For example, if your servo is 7.2V/1A, you can give it a 7.2V power supply.
And logic power is separated from servo one. You know the peak current will be very high, if you power it from a same battery, sometime it will cause the logic voltage down, then it will lose control.
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