WiFi Bee to control my robot, how?

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I can get the Internet connection. Now, I'm using a USB adapter. If I plug the wifi to my ardurino, how can I control a pin through wifi?

If you have set up the internet connection already on your Bee, and it stays configured after it is powered off. Then you are basically ready to go.
The WiFi Bee functionality is rather large, and I would suggest you take a look at the datasheet: ... m-1.0r.pdf

However, for a basic setup, once the connectivity is set you can use putty to open a raw or telnet conection on port 2000 of your wifi bee IP, and it will basically transport the serial port:
check out the last part of the wiki tutorial: ... TEL0067%29

You can try something like this:

Code: Select allvoid setup() {   Serial.begin(9600);  //baud rate should probably be set same as the WifiBee } void loop() {   char val;   while(1)   {     val =;     if(val!=-1)     {       switch(val)       {       case 'w':       Serial.println("hello1");         break;       case 'x':       Serial.println("hello2");         break;       case 'a':       Serial.println("hello3");         break;            case 'd':       Serial.println("hello4");         break;        case 's':       Serial.println("hello5");         break;       }        }   }                          }

Code was extracted from: ... DRI0001%29



2013-09-05 11:55:45 [quote]When I type 'x' for example, I can see the blue LED on the wifi blink. So, I assume the signal is received by the Wifi module. But I don't see any print out of "hello2".
I wonder if the Wifi use pin 0/1 as Rx/Tx?[/quote]

how are you checking the "hello2" print out? Serial port? or internet?
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