The sample code for RF shield V1.0 from wiki DFRobot cannot work. Please help me

userHead Vilson731 2014-11-09 23:31:51 2088 Views3 Replies
Hi, currently i was doing a small project using arduino with RF shield V1.0 and the remote wireless keynob. I used the sample code for RF shield V1.0 from wiki DFRobot but cannot work. Anyone facing this problem also? Please help me. Thank you.
2014-11-11 09:46:17 No, it is communication address, the jumper caps.
When you press the knob button, does the knob led light?
Could you attach your hardware picture?
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2014-11-10 13:22:39 yup, i using UNO. What address you mean? Is that for interrupt? userHeadPic Vilson731
2014-11-10 10:41:05 Welcome Vilson,

What is your microcontroller board? UNO?
Did you set the address? The led should be light when it receives anything.
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