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EQTrigger, EQ Based Relay Guitar Stomp Box

DFRobot May 01 2013 217

Phil Tucker made a EQTrigger, EQ Based Relay Guitar Stomp Box inspired by a post on HackaDay. He made it with the MSGEQ7, as the audio analyzing chip, and then connected the breakout board to an Arduino Nano. You can find sample code and a library linked from the DFRobot product page. He used a momentary switch to sample the desired threshold and then used that to compare the real-time input to.


Here's a video of how it works.


  Hardware List?

  • Arduino Nano (or other Arduino)
  • Audio Analyzer: MSGEQ7 (DFRobot DFR0126)
  • Momentary Stomp Switch (for triggering sample record)
  • Single Pull, Single Throw Latching Switch (for power on/off)
  • Single Pull, Double Throw 5 volt relay
  • 1/4″ mono audio jack (for audio input)
  • A short extension cord to slice and connect to the relay
  • LED for power indicator
  • 220 ohm resistor for LED
  • 10K ohm resistor for momentary switch pulldown
  • 9 volt battery connector, or power adapter barrel jack
  • Enclosure