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User Mode SDK Released! 2.8”TFT USB Touch Display by RoboPeak

DFRobot May 08 2014 423

  A lot of people asked us: is there a way that we can control the 2.8”TFT USB Touch Display more directly, and on more platforms? Now, we are excited to take the amazing 2.8” TFT USB Touch Display User Mode SDK to the public. Highlights

  • Support Windows/OS X/Linux
  • Support x86/arm
  • Direct access to the low-level display operations
  • Fully open source


  • Enumerate all RoboPeak USB Display devices connected (Relative APIs: enumDevices, findFirstDevice, openFirstDevice)
  • Handle touch screen operations (Relative APIs: setStatusUpdatedCallback, getStatus)
  • Fill the screen with color (Relative API: fill)
  • Draw a bitmap to the screen with bit operations (Relative API: bitblt)
  • Fill rectangle with bit operations (Relative API: fillrect)
  • Copy an area of image to another place on the screen, in place. (Relative API: copyArea)

Where To Get It You can visit RoboPeak github repository to get it. Have fun!