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XBoard Relay Supported in Souliss

DFRobot Jul 22 2013 472

With Souliss’s the new release- Alpha 4.5, the XBoard Relay from DFRobot are now supported in Souliss, with full features. ( Souliss Alpha 4.5 now available for download)


Souliss is an open-source framework designed for Smart Homes and Internet of Things, it runs over AVRs microcontrollers and include all the libraries and drivers required for a complete a distributed intelligent network, it also includes an Android user interface.


DFRobot Hardware supported in Souliss

Xboard Relay is a cheap and effective relay board, including an ATmega32U4 (same as Arduino Leonardo) and a Wiznet W5100 as Ethernet transceiver. The XBoard series include also a XBee socket that turns the board into a Ethernet to wireless bridge.


Internet of thing is becoming so easy. With Xboard Relay, you can not only monitor data through internet, but also control it through internet. The Xboard Relay combines an Atmega 32u4 microprocessor and wiz5100 chip which is fully compatible with Arduino Lendardo and Ethernet library, it has build-in Xbee socket and 2 Relays which allow an easy play sensoring and controlling over internet. X-board relay has no programming adapter required. A micro usb cable is the only hardware needed to upload sketch.