WiDo +5v current

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Hey guys,

Can you please tell me how much current I can pull from the +5v pin on the red socket when the WiDo is ONLY powered by USB?

I've looked through the schematic but the only place I can find VUSB connecting is to the T1 FET of the power switch circuit. I'd like to power a VFD but I want to be sure the on-board regulator can handle it.

Also, can you please tell me how much current can be safely pulled from the same pin when the unit is being powered from 12v via the DC socket? (ie. what is the U1 voltage reg rated to?)
2015-02-09 18:42:52 hi,

i got it. the exact value of current of the red Pin 5V is not sure, but surely is that once you want to power something , it's better to charge the arduino board with external 12V. but you can still have a try with 5v to see how it is going.
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2015-02-09 17:50:10 Hi Leff,

Thanks for your reply.

Re. U1, I was referring to the current  rating of it's output. If U1 is a Fairchild 78M05 regulator that would appear to be 500mA (amusing the board could dissipate the heat away etc etc).
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2015-02-09 09:59:21 approximately 200mA in the both situation_ that powered by 5V/12V.

[i]what is the U1 voltage reg rated to?[/i]
sorry, I do you mean the pin of VIN, i didn't get your word.
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