GPS/GPRS/GSM_Module_V3.0 unable to use GPS

userHead hcw123 2014-08-06 16:23:15 2480 Views2 Replies
Hi anyone could help me out?? I just purchased GPS/GPRS/GSM_Module_V3.0 and tested it out with the example given. ... a_USB_port

Im able to use the GSM Mode via USB port mode it runs perfectly but when comes to GPS Mode via USB port it didnt respond to me. I have waited for very long time but the coolterm still remain blank. I have tested the GPS outdoor and using adapter with 7.5V and 1.2A. Is there any possible that my module have defect?
2014-08-08 18:39:54 Thank you Grey. It's working normally now. Thanks alot. :D userHeadPic hcw123
2014-08-08 12:04:06 Welcome,

I guess wiki will make a little confuse with this section,
I 'll try to make it clear.

After upload the sample code, you need to turn the UART switch to GSM side, and input 4 AT command.
Then turn the switch back to the GPS side. It should be work.

Anyway, It is better to use the Drive GPS via Arduino board code directly. It will be more convenient.
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