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dfr0299 microbit mindplus

userHead Gmartin 2022-05-06 21:51:18 1051 Views3 Replies

Hi all !


I am trying to program dfr0299 mp3 module to work with microbit + shield.


While everything seems to be wired correct ( mp3 module plays next or previous mp3 file from sd card when i connect IO/2 or IO/1 with ground) i cant make it play a specific or any mp3 file when i try to program it with mindpluss. 


What should i do ? 


Thank you for your time in advance !

2022-05-07 21:14:15

Good to know. 

userHeadPic R2D2C3PO
2022-05-07 16:55:26

Hi !

I found the sollution by luck. I put the wires (rx tx) in the wrong order and it worked :D

userHeadPic Gmartin
2022-05-07 09:49:06

please share your mind+ code

userHeadPic R2D2C3PO