Gravity_Gas_Sensor FAQ【SEN0465 to SEN0476】

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Q1:Sensor measurement is not accurate or no output.

A1:1. The first use needs to preheat the sensor for 24 hours;
2. Check whether the input voltage of the sensor is stable.
3. Please check whether the I2C address of PCB is the same as that set in the code;
4. If the above steps still cannot be used normally, please contact us by email at [email protected] with your order number or purchase date.


Q2:Is the sensor calibrated on site and how can I obtain a calibration report?

A2:This series of sensors are factory calibrated. If you need factory test report, please contact us by email and indicate SKU.


Special instructions: Please read the following carefully before use to avoid damage to the sensor:


1.The white waterproof and breathable membrane of the sensor on the module is strictly forbidden to open, otherwise it is regarded as artificial damage.

2.It is forbidden to plug or unplug the probe with power on.

3.It is forbidden to directly solder the pins of the module, but the sockets of the pins can be soldered.

4.The module should avoid contact with organic solvents (including silica gel and other adhesives), paints, pharmaceuticals, oils and high-concentration gases.

5.The module must not be subjected to excessive shock or vibration.

6.The module needs to be warmed up for more than 5 minutes when powered on for the first time. It is recommended to warm up for more than 24 hours if it has not been used for a long time.

7.Do not apply this module to systems involving personal safety.

8.Do not install the module in environment with strong air convection.

9.Do not leave the module in high-concentration organic gas for a long time.

10.The data returned by the serial port of the module is the real-time concentration value in the current environment. If there is no standard gas, please do not try the calibration command. This command will clear the calibrated data, and the data returned by the serial port will be inaccurate.

11.To judge whether the module communication is normal, it is recommended to use a USB to TTL tool (communication level 3V) to observe and judge according to the communication protocol through the serial debugging assistant software


If you have other questions, just feel free to post them in our forum for consultation. We will reply them as soon as possible and improve the product FAQ gradually.