Capacitive touch sensor (DFR0030) jumpers

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Hi everybody.

I just checked out the picture of the capacitive touch sensor and see there are two jumpers. Can anybody tell me what they are for?


2012-08-22 17:31:21 Hi Hector.

Thank you for your time and perfect explanation. Very useful jumper settings.

Kind regards.

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2012-08-20 11:32:25 Hi Kin,

Here is the data sheet for the [url=]touch sensor chip[/url]

The 2 jumpers are for:
Provides direct mode?toggle mode by pad option(TOG pin)
All output modes can be selected active high or active low by pad option(AHLB pin)

1. is for toggle mode. (change state with every touch, or change state while touched).

2. selects whether when touched it outputs a logic or a logic low.

Here is the schem for the [url=]touch sensor [/url]
userHeadPic Hector