"DFRduino Romeo-All in one" with 4 motors ? Possible or not ?

userHead Account cancelled 2012-08-27 03:57:04 2430 Views1 Replies
I intend to create a robot that has 4 wheels/motors but want to be able to adress the 4 motors.
Is it possible with the "DFRduino Romeo-All in one" that has only two motor terminals ?
Which card should I add to be able to adress and work 4 motors and lot only one ?
Does it make sense to adress and work work 4 motos ?
2012-08-27 11:02:03 You could use the [url=]2A motor controller[/url] module along with the Romeo.

The advantage here is that you can assign different pins to the module, where you can't do this with most shields...

The romeo can only control 2 motor terminals, but it can control 2 motors on each terminal, usually 2 left motors on one and 2 right motors on the other. This should provide you with the control you need. I'm not sure what your project goal might be... most people use the romeo to control 4 motors this way.

You might want to control all 4 motors individually if you need complete independent control of each motor...
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