Weight Sensor Module Upside Down

userHead darKing 2014-07-20 20:14:46 5690 Views7 Replies
Hi, I just got one of the DFRobot Weight Sensor Modules [url=][/url] from a Retailer.

Is it likely that the Sticker, that points out the direction on how to assemble it, is flipped upside down?

I assembled a quick and dirty setup, and it seems that it works when I PULL the scale UP. (Instead of pushing it down, then it behaves a bit crazy)
2014-08-05 14:51:31 are you using wet food? maybe you can use some kind of container sitting on top of the weight tray and push it to feedeing container. userHeadPic Jose
2014-08-03 05:14:25 Well... the "plan" is, to use it for a "cat feeding machine". The weight module is needed for the right amount of food to be released.  ;D

Now I have to figure our how to do all the other stuff that needs to be done. ;)
userHeadPic darKing
2014-07-23 13:10:01 Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

feel compelled now build it..  ::)

What are you planning on using it for?
userHeadPic Jose
2014-07-23 04:39:43 At least that seems to be true with my order.

I Glued it everything back together and it works like a charm now! Great stuff. :)
userHeadPic darKing
2014-07-22 16:29:01 Aha! 8) Yeah, what a magnificent work!

Hey, you mean the right  green arrow should be "up"? not "down"?
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2014-07-22 02:53:57 I know the Wiki and I (hopefully) assembled it as shown in the Wiki. :)

OK stand back, I'm going to try science!

That's my absolutely gorgeous prototype scale.  :o


That's the wiring:


Stunning, isn't it?  ;D

Now, as is add weight to the scale, the Serial Monitor says something like: -80g (pay attention to the minus (-) ) when i put stuff heavier than 100g on it, it "freaks out" and jumps to around 8000g (positive value).

I disassembled it again. Now if I hold it "the right way" (green arrow pointing down) with my hand and put pressure on the spot of the red arrow, it behaves like mentioned above. (negative values, jumps to 8000g as soon as I put more preassues on it.)


However,  as soon as I flip it, it works fine in my opinion. Positive values. A nice "curve" of g vs. pressure.
(green arrow like on the sticker, Red arrow means force)


So can I assume I just flip it and everything is fine, or am I missing something here?
userHeadPic darKing
2014-07-21 10:50:45 Welcome darKing,

You could check the wiki page for its assembly?
And its range is 1Kg, Anyway what is your mean of crazy?

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