Key Features

Standard 3-Pin Interface

This design is great since it easily lets you label pins according to function and keep connecting sensors to the rest of the pins.

4-Color Pin Headers

DFRobot Gravity Series is world’s first in using colored pin headers to represent Pin properties:

Newbie Friendly

We developed Gravity Series with user experience in mind. Even if you plug it in the reverse position, it won't burn the module since the middle pin is VCC port.

Mix & Mingle

Explore tons of DIY fun with over 60 compatible modules, from analog/digital sensors to LEDs, buzzers, joysticks and sliders.

Application Scenario

Exploring Gravity Series

Expansion Shields


Functional Modules

What People Are Saying About GRAVITY

" I use Gravity every day, whether in the kitchen, in my own garage, at my 7-year-old’s room or in my office. Gravity can always be useful in many situations for a maker that requires fast prototyping speed and little space. Just plug the colored wire, and it can’t go wrong."

Mike, 41, Maker & Father

“I learned Arduino in my K12 class, it was like opening a completely new world for me. But gradually I became no longer contented with what I was taught in class, and I found it hard to get the right module for project ideas I came up with. Gravity helped me solved this problem just right.”

Olivia, 11, Student

“Gravity is like the Arduino LEGO for me, it’s light, small, simple to use, and doesn’t require too much tech knowledge. Every piece of module comes with a unified interface and color code, so you can just connect what you want, do little programming beforehand, and job done!”

Ralph, 25, Artist