2.5g 360 degree Micro Servo (0.45kg)

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This new micro servo with 360 degree continuous rotation is compatible with servo shields for Arduino. Small as a candy, the torque can reach up to 0.7kg. It's a very versatile small servo motor for micro robots or other applications where you don't have much space and the need of a full rotational motor with the benefits of a servo. This servo is capable of full 360 degree continuous rotation and can be connected to an output pin of an Arduino board directly without the need of a motor driver. Control the servo by PWM, and there are four different types of servo fans which can help the servo to be used in more application.  
Programming the rotation in the Arduino IDE is as easy as the programming of the servo movement. With the included servo library from the Arduino website you can just make the servo rotating clockwise, counterclockwise or stop by writing the related servo angels. (0 for full speed clockwise, 90 for stop and 180 full speed counterclockwise, it is not allowed to control its position like normal servo does.) 

Pins: White - Signal, Red - Power Positive, Black - Power Negative

Note: A higher voltage will damage the servo permanently (recommended voltage is 4.8V-6V). Do not stall the servo on purpose or the gear will break. The upper and lower part of the casing is straped together with a plastic strip. Do not damage that plastic strip otherwise the servo may fall apart.

2.5g 360 degree Micro Servo (0.45kg) Schematic


  • Model: D2S51
  • PWM: 900-2100µs
  • Midpoint Width:1500µs
  • Operating Voltage: 4.8V~6V
  • Storage Temperature: -20℃~60℃
  • Operating Temperature: -10℃~+50℃
  • Speed(no-load): 0.08±0.01 sec/60°@4.8V
  • 0.07±0.01 sec/60°@6.0V
  • Torque:
  • Static Current:
  • No-load Current:
  • No-load Lifespan:
  •              >200000 @4.8V
  •              >[email protected]
  • Dimension: 20 mm *8.2 mm *16.3mm
  • Weight: 2.5g±0.5g

Shipping List

  • 2.5g 360 degree Micro Servo x1
  • mounting screw x3
  • screw for servo horn attachment x3
  • servo horn (different shape) x4




2.5g 360 degree Micro Servo (0.45kg)

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  • 2-4$7.85
  • 5-9$7.70
  • 10+$7.60