Ultrasonic sensor with Water proof (RS485 interface)(Discontinued)

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This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for specification and documents.

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The SRF485WPR is a water resistant single transducer ultrasonic ranger. The SRF485WPR uses the RS485 standard for communications, for up to 127 modules on each RS485 bus. The SRF485WPR features an on-board 5v power regulator which can be supplied from 8vdc to 14vdc. Both power and RS485 signals are supplied to the module via a 10pin IDC connector, making cabling a large number of modules very easy. The Range of the SRF485WPR is 60cm to 5meters.

Note - This sonar has a waterproof transducer, not an underwater transducer. It is designed for operation in air.


  • Voltage - 8v to 14v, 12v nominal. 
  • Current - 10mA 
  • Frequency - 40KHz 
  • Range - 60cm to 500cm
  • Connection - Standard RS485 Bus
  • Up to 127 SRF485WPR's connected to your controller.
  • Units - Range reported in uS, cm or inches. 
  • Temperature Compensation -30 to +50 centigrade