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High Temperature Resistant Silica Gel Silicone Wire (8AWG 10mm2 1m Red & Black)

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This product is high temperature resistant silicone wire with 8AWG and 10mm2. It is made of fine tin-plated copper material and not easily oxidized. It adopts the process of mutual twisting , which reduces the signal interference and improves the conductive property. The allowable load voltage is AC600V/DC3KV and the load current reaches 190A. The insulating layer is a silica gel material with excellent performance. The insulating layer is thin but not easy to be broke down. It has elasticity, toughness and acid and alkali resistance. Normally, it can be used at temperatures from -60 ° C to +200 ° C, can be used for robots , ESC, motors, robot arms, aeromodelling, car models, and ship models which require high wire performance.

  • The power supply should not exceed the rated voltage to avoid affecting the wire life.
  • It should be avoided using over the temperature range of -60 ° C ~ +200 ° C
  • Features

  • High temperature resistant, low temperature resistant , not easy to breakdown, high voltage and high current resistant
  • Specification

  • Rated voltage: AC600V/DC3KV
  • Allowable current: 190A
  • Temperature range: -60 ° C ~ +200 ° C
  • Model: 8AWG 10 mm2
  • Inner core material: 0.08mm (diameter) tinned copper wire
  • Insulation material: silica gel
  • Shipping List

  • High Temperature Resistant Silicone Wire (8AWG 10mm2 Red 1m) x1
  • High Temperature Resistant Silicone Wire (8AWG 10mm2 Black 1m) x1



    High Temperature Resistant Silica Gel Silicone Wire (8AWG 10mm2 1m Red & Black)

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