Micro Solar Power Manager / Charger with Regulated Output (Solar Panel Input: 1~3V, 70mA)

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The micro solar power manager is a solar power management module that supports the MPPT algorithm and has stabilized output. It is compatible with small solar panels ranging from 1V to 3V. This battery-protected solar power charger is designed specifically to power low-power wireless sensors or controllers in IoT systems. When combined with BLE Sensor Beacon or other wireless sensors, it can create a long-lasting solar-powered wireless sensor node. Additionally, when combined with the FireBeetle ESP32 series controller, it can greatly extend the device's usage time, taking advantage of the ESP32 series' low power consumption capabilities. With the micro solar power manager, customers can easily integrate their solar power supply systems and provide continuous, stable, and eco-friendly energy for their IoT projects.

DFR0579-Power micro:bit with Small Solar Panel

Power micro:bit with Small Solar Panel

DFR0579-Power Firebeetle Series with Small Solar Panel

Power Firebeetle Series with Small Solar Panel

This solar power management module boasts a voltage regulation output of 3.3V and 90mA, effectively meeting the power requirements of most low-power devices. It ensures the stability of the power supply during wireless device data transmission and reception, preventing system crashes caused by sudden electrical surges. This is particularly critical for sensitive precision instruments and sensors, for which high stability is of utmost importance. Furthermore, the voltage regulation output also minimizes device malfunctions and damages that ensue from voltage fluctuations, thus prolonging the lifespan of the equipment.

This solar management module utilizes a constant voltage MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) algorithm, which enables maximum solar energy conversion efficiency even in low light conditions. It can charge a 3.7V lithium battery via both solar panels or USB, supplying up to 70mA and 100mA charging current respectively.

For low-power solar projects, when faced with consecutive cloudy days or insufficient battery capacity to meet equipment requirements, the lithium battery may suffer from over-discharge problems. To address this, the micro solar power charger is designed with overcharge and over-discharge protection features, which ensure that the battery is kept within a safe range during charging and discharging processes, thus prolonging the battery's lifespan.

DFR0579-Solar Power Manager Micro Board Overview

Board Overview

With the features mentioned above, the solar power management module can allow electrical devices to be charged solely by solar power without the need for frequent battery replacements, enabling maintenance-free operation for IoT devices.

DFRobot Solar Power Manager series is designed for IoT and renewable energy projects, providing safe and efficient embedded solar power management modules for makers and application engineers. The full range features Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) function, which maximizes solar collection efficiency under various lighting conditions, and provides stable output voltages and multiple battery and power protections for various solar projects, ensuring efficient and reliable power management. If you are interested in this series, you can read the Solar Power Manager Series Selection Guide for more information.


  • Designed with a focus on micro-energy harvesting and ultralow-power consumption, tailored specifically for small solar panels in the 1V~3V voltage range.
  • The 3.3V 90mA stabilized output current ensures consistent and reliable energy provision for devices.
  • MPPT algorithm is implemented to achieve maximum solar power conversion efficiency.
  • Battery protection features such as overcharge and over-discharge prevention are present, contributing to an increased lifespan of the battery.


  • Low-Power Wireless Sensor Network
  • Bluetooth Beacon Localization
  • Miniature Solar-powered Toy


    Micro Solar Power Management Module
  • Solar Power Management IC: SPV1050
  • Solar Input Voltage (SOLAR IN): 0.5V~4V
  • Battery Input (BAT IN): 3.7V Lithium Battery
  • Maximum Charge Current: 100mA@USB IN;70mA@SOLAR IN
  • Over-charge Protection Threshold: 4.2V
  • Over-discharge Protection Threshold: 3.1V
  • Regulated Power Supply: 3.3V 90mA@BAT IN 3.7V
  • Quiescent Current: <3 uA
  • Protection Functions
    •        BAT IN: Over-discharge/Over-charge/Reverse Connection Protections
    •        OUT: Short Circuit/Over Current Protections
  • Operation Temperature: -40℃~85℃
  • Dimension: 30.0mm*30.0mm

  • Solar Panel 2V 160mA
  • Nominal Voltage (VMP): 2V
  • Nominal Current (IMP): 160mA
  • Open Circuit Voltage (IOC): 2.4V
  • Short Circuit Current (ISC): 190mA
  • Solar Cell Material: Monocrystalline Silicon
  • Other Features: Waterproof, Oil Resistant and Corrosion Resistant
  • Dimension: 50mm*50mm


Project 1. Arduino GSM Module Poultry Temperature Project

Introduction: This author used Arduino GSM module and DHT11 to get the temperature and humidity information via SMS and prioritized low power consumption. He fed the Arduino (FireBeetle) with a solar panel and a LiPo battery. He've shared all the details so you can do the project.


Shipping List

  • Solar Power Manager Micro                                                                          x1
  • Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panel 2V 160mA 50*50mm                       x1
  • Red Single Conductor Wire 15cm 24AWG                                                   x2
  • Black Single Conductor Wire 15cm 24AWG                                                x2
  • PH2.0-2P Male Power Wire 15cm                                                                 x1
  • XH2.54-2P Header                                                                                           x2




Micro Solar Power Manager / Charger with Regulated Output (Solar Panel Input: 1~3V, 70mA)

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