Particle Boron IoT Development Board (Cellular+Mesh+Bluetooth) (Discontinued)

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Notes: Particle Boron IoT Development Board is discontinued now.
The Particle Boron LTE is a powerful LTE CAT-M1/NB1 enabled IoT development kit that can act as either a standalone cellular endpoint or LTE enabled gateway for Particle Mesh networks. It also brings with a double-dose of Mesh and Cellular, so you’re always covered for network connectivity no matter where you are!

Boron LTE is pretty small, you can easily cover it with one hand. It adopts the Nordic nRF52840 processor that can provide excellent performance in complicated application. Meanwhile, Boron LTE is equipped with large-capacity Flash, RAM and peripherals, including native USB support, and also has built-in battery charging circuitry so it’s easy to connect a Li-Po. You can deploy your local network in minutes! The Boron is great for connecting existing projects to the Particle Device Cloud or as a gateway to connect an entire group of local endpoints where Wi-Fi is missing or unreliable.

All Particle hardware is designed from the ground up to work with the Device Cloud. This is a powerful set of tools and infrastructure to build, connect, and manage your IoT fleet. The Particle Could has some great features for building connected projects, including over-the-air firmware updates, and easy-to-use REST API, and firmware development supported by web and local IDEs.


u-blox SARA-R410-02B LTE modem (Boron LTE)

  • LTE CAT M1 module with global hardware support (MVNO support for US only)
  • 3GPP Release 13 LTE Cat M1

Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 SoC
  • ARM Cortex-M4F 32-bit processor @ 64MHz
  • 1MB flash, 256KB RAM
  • IEEE 802.15.4-2006: 250 Kbps
  • Bluetooth 5: 2 Mbps, 1 Mbps, 500 Kbps, 125 Kbps
  • Supports DSP instructions, HW accelerated Floating Point Unit (FPU) calculations
  • ARM TrustZone CryptoCell-310 Cryptographic and security module
  • Up to +8 dBm TX power (down to -20 dBm in 4 dB steps)
  • NFC-A tag

Main Parameters
  • On-board additional 2MB SPI flash
  • 20 mixed signal GPIO (6 x Analog, 8 x PWM), UART, I2C, SPI
  • Micro USB 2.0 full speed (12 Mbps)
  • Integrated Li-Po charging and battery connector
  • JTAG (SWD) Connector
  • RGB status LED
  • Reset and Mode buttons
  • Dual SIM support: Nano 4FF and MFF2
  • On-board PCB antenna
  • U.FL connector for external antenna
  • FCC and PTCRB certified
  • RoHS compliant (lead-free)
  • Dimension: 51.8x 22.8x 15.3mm/2.04x0.90x0.60”
  • Weight: 10.6g


Shipping List

  • Particle Boron IoT Development Board (Cellular+Mesh+Bluetooth) x1




Particle Boron IoT Development Board (Cellular+Mesh+Bluetooth) (Discontinued)