MTO1804 Brushless DC Motor (CW) with 20A ESC

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Designed for multi-rotor wings, this brushless DC motor is a boon for all drone enthusiasts. The brushless DC motor has the following features: capable of outputting large torques at low speeds and allowing full power operation at any speed. High efficiency and strong overload capability, good regenerative-braking effect, small size, high power density and simple drive control.

Brushless DC Motor MTO1804 (CCW)

Dimension Figure

The motor adopts high-quality NSK bearings with strong durability which can achieve more stable rotation, higher resistance to falls and super-low noise. The internal oxygen-free winding copper set can withstand high temperature of up to 220℃. So, there is no need to worry about burning the motor when turning at high speed. The maximum hollow design not only makes the motor lighter but also improves thermal performance. The unique assembly process can guarantee 100% dynamic balance calibration, so that the flight is more stable. At the same time, we also equipped with a positive and negative thread, which eliminates the safety hazard of multi-axis installed anti-propeller rear-shooting paddle, and secures a safe flight.

This brushless DC motor is suitable for the intelligent robot, drone line and other industries and professional aerial photography. It is ideal for a wide range of enthusiasts.

NOTE: This motor needs to be used with the drive plate.

Brushless DC Motor MTO1804 (CCW)



  • KV value: 2480
  • Stator diameter: 18mm
  • Stator length: 4mm
  • Axis diameter: M5 (0.8mm)
  • Motor size(outside): Φ23×25.1mm (D * L) / Φ0.9×1.0inch
  • Weight: 16g
  • Power supply: 2-3 lithium batteries
  • Maximum continuous current: 5A
  • Maximum continuous power: 55.5W
  • Magnetic steel model: N40UH, ferrite boron magnetic steel
  • Bearing model: NSK
  • Silicon steel chip: 0.2mm cold-rolled low iron loss no orientation silicon steel
  • Dynamic balance: 100% dynamic balance calibration
  • Copper wire: oxygen-free copper, with 220 °C heat-resistant temp.

Drive board

  • Continuous current: 20A
  • Peak current: 25A
  • Input voltage: 2-4 lithium batteries
  • Weight: 7.5g
  • Dimension: 27*12mm / 1.06*0.47inch

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    MTO1804 Brushless DC Motor (CW) with 20A ESC

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