High Power Bluetooth Power Amplifier Board

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Starting to build your dream Speakers with this Bluetooth Power Amplifier board! This cost-effective high power Bluetooth amplifier board features 100W output power, a volume control button, Bluetooth 5.0 input, and dual-track output. It can be operated at DC 5~24V, and compatible with 4-8Ω 50W-300W passive speakers. You can connect it to Raspberry Pi, mobile phones and other main-controllers with Bluetooth to DIY your projects.

This Bluetooth board has four quality 470uf capacitors that bring you stable output; The board also comes with a heat sink and adopts an excellent power module which allows it to work steadily under a long time of high output. Apart from that, the board includes bottom/top protective panels and supports auto overheat protection and auto short circuit protection.

High Power Bluetooth Power Amplifier Board (100W*2)

Operating Instruction

Connect the board with a speaker, power it on. Rotate the knob then the indicator led light up. Turn on the Bluetooth of your phone or Raspberry Pi, the”BT-WUZHI”will be searched, and then click to connect it. It connects successfully with a prompt tone, and now it can play music. The Bluetooth will be reconnected automatically when the module is powered on next time.


The board will output adequate power only when the audio input and power source voltage/current are sufficient. The higher the power supply voltage, the larger the output power. Besides that, speaker impedance also changes the amplifier board power output. Please note that in the case of enough voltage and current, the larger the speaker impedance in ohms, the smaller the output power.


  • Supply Voltage: 5-24V
  • Output Power: 100W*2
  • Compatible Speakers: 50W-300W, 4Ω-8Ω
  • Sound Channel: left/right channel(stereo audio)
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0
  • Bluetooth Transmission Distance: 15m (without any obstacle)
  • Protection: auto overheat protection, auto short circuit protection
  • Power Source Voltage:
                  12V--8Ω speaker/24W(left channel)+24W(right channel), 4Ω speaker/40W+40W

Shipping List

  • High Power Bluetooth Power Amplifier Board x1
  • Acrylic Protective Case x2
  • Screwdriver x1
  • 20cm Power Wire x1
  • Knob x1
  • Accessories Package x1





High Power Bluetooth Power Amplifier Board

In Stock
  • 3-4$14.50
  • 5-9$14.30
  • 10+$13.80