USB Cable and Charger Tester with 1.44" TFT LCD Color Screen

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Here comes a Mini Portable Multi-function USB Color Screen Tester! It supports fast charging decoy, protocol conversion, real-time curve displaying, and trigger high voltage and integrates multiple interfaces: USB-A, Micro-USB, Type-C. The module comes with an onboard 1.44” TFT LCD High-definition color display. Besides, it has an external 16-bit ADC and PD protocol physical chip and can monitor the voltage, current, power, electric quantity, capacity, charging protocol, curve waveform in real-time. Moreover, the product also has the functions of automatic detection of fast charging protocol, Chinese and English language switching, interface horizontal and vertical switching, PD active trigger, and wire resistance test, which could meet the needs of a variety of user debugging and testing.

USB Cable and Charger Tester with 1.44

This USB color screen tester can be used to measure the power of the USB interface device, power of phone charging, adapter fast charging protocol detection, and decoy the voltage with protocol adapter to make a simple DC regulated power supply.


1. Do not connect a power supply exceeding 24V to the tester.

2. The USB-A input port of the tester supports high-power input (such as 20V*5A=100W), the USB-A output port can withstand 5A current for a short time, while the Micro-USB input port does not support large current and high power, and its input current should not exceed 2.5A. When working with high current and high power, it is recommended to use Type-C interface to output..

3. The HID-USB interface is only used for data transmission.

4. When operating with high voltage and high power, the temperature of the tester will rise, please be careful to prevent burns.

5. All interfaces are connected in parallel except online ports. Only one input and one output are allowed to be connected at the same time.


  • Color screen display
  • Support Chinese and English interface
  • Support fast charge decoy, protocol conversion
  • The interface can switch the direction between horizontal and vertical screens
  • With CE certification
  • Specification

  • Input voltage range: 4~24V
  • Input voltage resolution: 0.1mV
  • Input voltage accuracy: ±(0.2‰+2)
  • Input Current range: 0~5A
  • Input Current resolution: 0.1mA
  • Input Current accuracy: ±(0.5‰+2)
  • Input power range: 0~120W
  • Input power resolution: 0.1mW
  • Input power accuracy: ±(0.5‰+2)
  • Load Equivalent
  • Internal Resistance range: 0~9999.9Ω
  • Load Equivalent
  • Internal Resistance resolution: 0.1mΩ
  • Load Equivalent
  • Internal Resistance accuracy: ±(0.5‰+2)
  • D + / D- voltage range: 0~3.3V
  • D + / D- voltage resolution: 0.01V
  • D + / D- voltage accuracy: ±(1.0%+2)
  • Equipment temperature resolution: 1℃
  • Equipment temperature accuracy: ±(1.2%+3)
  • Capacity range: 0~99999mAh
  • Capacity resolution: 0.0001mAh
  • Energy used range: 0~9999.99Wh
  • Energy used resolution: 0.00001Wh
  • Cable internal resistance range: 0~9999.9Ω
  • Cable internal resistance resolution: 0.0001Ω
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    USB Cable and Charger Tester with 1.44" TFT LCD Color Screen

    In Stock
    • 3-4$24.00
    • 5-9$23.70
    • 10+$22.90