Miniware DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers

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DT71 mini digital tweezers is a tool that integrates multi-function measurement, signal generator, and fully differential input measurement.

Miniware DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers

It has a unique trinary structure that includes a controller, measuring arm and tweezers head, which can be flexibly replaced and combined.

Miniware DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers

There is an OLED screen on the 360° rotatable controller, which provides visibility from all angles. With smart gesture recognition, it can automatically recognize left and right operations and adjust the screen display.

Different from other LCR testers, DT71 has no physical buttons. Instead, there is a hidden touch button on the top of the controller, which can be easily operated with a light touch.

Miniware DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers

The test arm uses magnetic elasticity to provide easy clipping, ergonomic, and durable structure.

It comes with gold-plated interchangeable tweezer tips, enabling higher measurement accuracy in various usages.

Miniware DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers

The built-in dual rechargeable lithium batteries can last 10 hours for one full charge, and the charging time is about 2 hours.

Miniware DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers

A variety of measurement types are available for measuring resistance, capacitance, inductance, voltage, frequency, diodes and other devices.

Tweezers have manual and automatic recognition modes. In automatic mode, DT 71 can automatically identify SMDs including resistance, capacitance, inductance and diode, and display primary and secondary parameters, which is very useful for quickly distinguishing different components.

At the same time, the built-in miniature waveform signal generator can output a variety of waveform signals, providing a perfect solution for the debugging and maintenance of complex electronic systems and the classification and detection of discrete chip components.

Miniware DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers

With a compact and mini size, it is convenient to carry around, overturning the appearance restrictions of traditional desktop and hand-held measuring instruments. It is an innovative work in the appearance and structure design of measuring instruments and can be used in any place such as laboratory, workbench, warehouse and outdoor.

With intelligent functions such as automatic identification, automatic shutdown, firmware upgrade, etc.

Miniware DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers

Measurement parameters Range Resolution Accuracy
Resistance 0.1Ω~1KΩ 0.1Ω 0.5%+2
1KΩ~2000KΩ 1KΩ 0.5%+2
Capacitance 0.1pF~1000pF 0.1pF 2%+3
0.001uF~400uF 0.001uF 2%+3
Inductance 1uH~1000uH 1uH 5%+3
1mH~50mH 1mH 5%+3
Voltage 1mV~100mV 1mV 2%+5
0.1V~40V 0.1V 1%+3
Frequency 10Hz~1KHz 10Hz 0.1%+3
1KHz~20000KHz 1KHz 0.1%+3
Diode Silicon diode, Schottky diodes, LED (forward voltage 0.1~3V) 0.1V 1%
Maximum input voltage -5V~+50V
Input resistance 1MΩ


  • Three-section split structure
  • OLED screen
  • Intelligent posture judgment
  • With hidden touch buttons
  • Ergonomically design
  • Specification

  • Operating hours: 10 hours of continuous work
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Display: 96*16 OLED
  • Dimension Controller: 47mm/1.85 inch
  • Dimension Measuring arm: 106mm/4.17 inch
  • Operation: Hidden touch button
  • Shipping List

  • DT71 Controller x1
  • Test Arm x1
  • Tweezer Tip x2
  • Dedicated Data Cable x1
  • Carrying Case x1
  • Safety Instructions x1



    Miniware DT71 Mini Digital Tweezers

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