6-Way Adjustable DC Regulated Power Supply for 18650 Battery (Discontinued)

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This product is discontinued. Please refer to below replacement:

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Note: 6-Way Adjustable DC Regulated Power Supply is discontinued now, we recommend 4-Way 18650 Battery Holder as a suitable replacement.

18650 battery is not included.

You already have all kinds of power supply equipment such as dry battery, lithium battery and power adapter, etc., but in actual use you still face problems like, not portable, no multi-way output, consuming electricity too fast or inconvenient to charge. Then you may just need a power module like this.

Small and portable, this Adjustable DC Regulated Power Supply with 6-way output could be a very practical power supply tool for your projects.

With built-in charging circuit, the power module allows four 18650 batteries to be connected in series and features 6 independent outputs: 2-way 5V/5A, 1-way 9V/3A, 1-way 12V/2.5A, 1-way 24V/1A and 1-way 1~20V(2.5A) adjustable output. Each output employs an independent power chip, which make the product able to power multiple devices steadily at the same time.

Moreover, the equipped short-circuit protection for every output could effectively prevent the product from damages caused by instantaneous or long period short circuit.

Adjustable DC Regulated Power Supply

The module works with 2300mA/h 18650 battery, which means it can power Raspberry Pi and Pi display simultaneously for 90minutes even when the Pi’s CPU reaches the maximum.

The power module allows a LattePanda Alpha and its display to continuously work 60 minutes when powered by 12V and 5V ports separately. And the NVIDIA Jetson Nano can operate 100 minutes when powered by this module.

If you just plan to use some devices with lower power like development boards and sensors, you may don't need to charge it for a week.

Adjustable DC Regulated Power Supply

Use Method

Charging: TYPE-C charging interface is set on the left side. You can charge it with a 5V2A cell phone charger. It needs 4 hours to be fully charged. The charging indicator next to the interface lights up in red in charging and turns off when fully charged. Also there is an indicator at the interface for displaying the battery remaining electricity quantity.

6-way output: 2xUSB 5V, 9V, 12V, 24V and 1~20V adjustable output. 6 outputs can be used simultaneously. All outputs are designed as DC2.1 interface except USB.

The rotary encoder is used to adjust the voltage from 1 to 20V with an accuracy of 0.1V. The LED digital tube next to the encoder displays the current voltage. Short press the encoder switch to adjust the voltage by 0.1V or 1V, and long press to lock the current voltage. Long press again to unlock it.

There are buttons set on 9V, 12V, 24V and 1-20V respectively for enabling or disabling the power output. Press once to turn on and press again to turn off. The LED of the corresponding output will be turned on when enabled. The USB outputs do not have switch buttons.


  • Small and portable
  • With built-in charging circuit
  • With short-circuit protection
  • Applications

  • Outdoor debugging
  • Exhibition testing
  • Robot competition
  • Specification

  • Battery Specification: 3.7V 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery connected in series (support 18650 battery of 65mm and 67mm, not support 69mm battery with protection board)
  • Charging Port: USB-TYPE-C
  • Charging Current: 2A
  • Charging Time: about 4 hours (laboratory data, using 2300mAh battery as test sample)
  • Voltage Accuracy: 3%
  • Electricity Quantity Display: 4 LED
  • Output: 5-way fixed voltage and 1-way 1~20V adjustable output
  • Connection Specification:
  • 1.DC2.1 to DC2.1 Connection wire: 50cm long
  • 2.DC2.1 to Alligator Clip: 50cm long
  • 3.DC2.1 to Connector Plug: 50cm long
  • 4.DC2.1 to LattePanda Power Supply Port: 50cm long
  • 5.Wire Rated Carry Current:13A (16AWG)
  • USB Port 1:
            1.USB-A Interface
            2.Rated Voltage: 5.2V
            3.Rated Current: 3A
            4.Peak Current: 5A
  • USB Port 2:
            1.USB-A Interface
            2.Rated Voltage: 5.2V
            3.Rated Current: 3A
            4.Peak Current: 5A
  • 9V Port:
            1.DC2.1 Interface
            2.Rated Voltage: 9.2V
            3.Rated Current: 2.5A
            4.Peak Current: 3A
            5.Independent Output Switch
  • 12V Port:
            1. DC2.1 Interface
            2.Rated Voltage: 12V
            3.Rated Current: 2A
            4.Peak Current: 2.5A
            5.Independent Output Switch
  • 24V Port:
            1. DC2.1 Interface
            2. Rated Voltage: 24V
            3.Rated Current: 600mA
            4.Peak Current: 1A
            5.Independent Output Switch
  • Adjustable Port:
            1. DC2.1 Interface
            2.Rated Voltage: 1V~20V
            3.Voltage Adjustment Resolution: 0.1V
            4.Rated Current: 1A (20V)~2.5A(1V)
            5.Peak Current: 1.5A(20V)~3A(1V)
            6.Encoder Adjustment, long-press to lock or unlock
            7.Independent Output Switch
  • Shipping List

  • Adjustable DC Regulated Power Supply x1
  • DC2.1 to DC2.1 Connection Wire 50cm x1
  • DC2.1 to Alligator Clip 50cm x1
  • DC2.1 to Connector Plug 50cm x1
  • DC2.1 to LattePanda Power Supply Port 50cm x1
  • User Guide x1
  • Note: 18650 battery is not included.