35KG High Torque Metal Waterproof Servo

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This waterproof high-torque servo comes with all-metal gear and an aluminum shell, which makes it stronger, more wear-resistant, and durable. The circuit board is laminated and sealed with a waterproof gasket and breathable composite waterproof glue so that the heat generated by the circuit board can be dissipated freely, and the water medium cannot enter, so as to achieve the IP67 waterproof effect. There is a built-in rotation driver that ensures the precise control of the running angle, offering more accurate, stronger, more stable, and quieter motion.

Since the PWM frequency controlled by the motor is relatively high, the jitter of the servo is very small after the load is applied, and basically, no control sound can be heard. This could be an excellent choice for multi-joint robot projects.

There is no limit inside the servo so it can rotate 360 degrees without getting stuck. With up to 180 degrees controlling angles, the servo features high accuracy and a long lifespan. The internal pulse lock function allows locking action with only transmitting one PPM pulse, which reduces the processor’s controlling consumption and extends the servo’s service life.

35KG High Torque Metal Waterproof Servo

This servo features up to 180 degrees rotation angles within the pulse range of 500-2500μsec and stall torque at 7V working voltage. It is very suitable for professional development and research scenarios, or remote controlling applications like DIY robot cars or ships.

35KG High Torque Metal Waterproof Servo

This servo is also equipped with servo horns of different shapes to meet requirements in various environments.


  • With all-metal gear and aluminum shell
  • IP67 waterproof
  • High accuracy and long lifespan
  • Applications

  • Multi-joint robot projects
  • Remote controlling applications
  • DIY robot car or ships
  • Specification

  • Control System: PWM
  • Working Voltage: 4.8V ~7.4V
  • Working Temperature: -20℃~ +60℃
  • Service Life: >80,000 times of use
  • Rotation Angle: 180°
  • Signal Pulse Width Range: 500 - 2500 μsec
  • Motor Driver: MOS
  • Motor Type: DC
  • Potentiometer Processing Method: direct driving
  • Signal Processing Method: digital signal
  • Maximum Torque: 24.9kg·cm@5V, 30kg·cm@6V, 35kg·cm@7V
  • No-load Speed: 0.37sec/60°@5V, 0.3sec/60°@6V, 0.25sec/60°@7V
  • No-load Current: 270mA@5V, 320mA@6V, 360mA@7V
  • Load Current: 1900mA@5V, 2300mA@6V, 2800mA@7V
  • Dead Zone: 2usec
  • Ball Bearing: 2BB
  • Gear Material: all-metal
  • Servo Shell Material: aluminum
  • Size: about 40*20*40.50mm (1.57*0.79*1.59 inch)
  • Shipping List

  • 35KG High Torque Metal Waterproof Servo x1
  • Servo Horn and Screw Pack x1



    35KG High Torque Metal Waterproof Servo

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    • 3-4$28.00
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