Dual-channel RS485 Expansion Hat for Raspberry Pi 4B

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What is RS485?

RS485 is a common serial communication standard with features such as good noise rejection, long transmission distance, and multi-drop capability. It transmits data using a differential transmission method, which allows it to suppress common-mode interference. RS485 requires a pair of twisted-pair cables and two terminal resistors to eliminate signal reflection during long-distance communication.

What is the Modbus Protocol?

Modbus is a master/slave architecture protocol used for communication between devices over RS-485. It uses unique addresses for each slave device to execute commands from a master device. Modbus commands include a check code to ensure data integrity, and can be used to change values in registers, control or read I/O ports, and retrieve data from devices.

Raspberry Pi RS485 HAT Introduction

This dual-channel RS485 expansion HAT designed for the Raspberry Pi adopts an isolated transceiver to achieve isolation for RS485, which increases the reliability and anti-interference of data transmission in each channel. And it features embedded protection circuits such as a lightning and surge protector, a TVS diode, and power supply isolation to protect the Raspberry Pi development board effectively.

Besides, the order includes a screw accessory kit that allows users to tightly fix this board onto a Raspberry Pi controller.

Wiring Diagram of RS485 Expansion HAT and Laser Ranging Sensor

Wiring Diagram of RS485 Expansion HAT and Laser Ranging Sensor


  • Dual Channel RS485
  • Electrical & signal isolation
  • Lightning & surge protection
  • Transient voltage suppressor
  • RX/TX data transmitting/receiving indicator
  • Applications

  • Agricultural Internet of Things
  • Warehouse Internet of Things
  • Indoor and Outdoor Environmental Monitoring
  • Lighting Control
  • Security Access Control System
  • Specification

  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V
  • RS485 Transceiver: TP75176E
  • Serial Chip: CH432T
  • RS485 Communication Interface ×2
  • Power Indicator: red
  • TX Communication Indicator: blue
  • RX Communication Indicator: green
  • 120Ω Terminal Resistance: ×2
  • Wiring Method: 5.08-3P pluggable terminal block
  • Raspberry Pi 3B+/4B Supported
  • Mounting Hole Size: diameter 2.5mm
  • Dimension(Package Not Included): 56×65mm/2.20×2.56”
  • Documents

    Shipping List

  • RS485 Expansion HAT for Raspberry Pi ×1
  • Copper Column & Screw ×4



    Dual-channel RS485 Expansion Hat for Raspberry Pi 4B

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