SLogic Combo 8 Multi-function Development Tool

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The SLogic Combo 8 is a versatile development tool that integrates the functionalities of a logic analyzer, CKLink debugger, DAP-Link debugger, and UART module (USB2UART). It allows for arbitrary switching between these functions via buttons. This 4-in-1 tool offers a maximum sampling rate of 80 MHz, supports up to 8 channels, and is compatible with multiple platforms. Despite its compact form factor, it provides a wide range of over 130 analysis protocols.

As a logic analyzer, it offers a maximum sampling frequency of 80 MHz, enabling the analysis of a broad range of protocols in conjunction with a host computer. When used as a UART module, it supports up to 4 serial ports with a maximum baud rate of 20 Mbps, making it suitable for various applications that rely on serial communication. As a CKLink or DAPLink, it aids in debugging RISC-V and ARM-based chips, with an additional serial port available for log observation.

Powerful 4-in-1 Debugger

Powerful 4-in-1 Debugger of SLogic Combo 8

Powerful Features

SLogic Combo 8 Powerful Features

Support for analysing 130+ protocols

SLogic Combo 8 Support for analysing 130+ protocols

Function Annotation

Function Annotation of Slogic Analyzer DAPLink CKLink Debugger Tool

Panel Information

Panel Information of Slogic Analyzer DAPLink CKLink Debugger Tool


  • Protocol Analysis
  • Serial Communication
  • Chip Debugging
  • Education and Training
  • Hardware Development and Testing
  • Research and Development
  • Specification

    SLogic Function Parameters

  • Maximum Channel Number: 8CH
  • Maximum Sampling Rate: 80M
  • Transmission Bandwidth: 320Mb/s
  • Sampling Mode: Stream
  • Typical Configuration: 80M@4CH 40M@8CH
  • Signal Input Range: 0~3.6V
  • High and Low Level Thresholds: VIN>2V VIL<0.8V

  • In Windows environment, the SLogic Combo 8 has maximum transmission bandwidth of 160 Mb/s. The typical configuration includes 80M@2CH and 40M@4CH.

    CKLink Function Parameters

  • JTAG Clock Rate: 16M
  • Typical Dump Speed: 1200KB/s
  • Debug Serial Port: Up to 20Mbps

  • DAPLink Function Parameters

  • Debug Serial Port: Up to 20Mbps
  • Typical Burning Speed: 110KB/s

  • UART Function Parameters

  • Maximum Baud Rate: 2×20Mbps+2×1Mbps
  • Total Bandwidth: 42Mbps
  • Documents

    Shipping List

  • Slogic Analyzer/ DAPLink /CKLink Debugger /UART Tool ×1
  • Chip clip ×10
  • USB Type-Cp ×1
  • Female-to-female DuPont wirep ×1



    SLogic Combo 8 Multi-function Development Tool

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    • 3-4$14.50
    • 5-9$14.10
    • 10+$13.80